Cloning a PostgreSQL database from a template

A few minutes ago, I wanted to clone a database on my PostgreSQL server.

Because I often ran into trouble on a productive service on my Raspberry Pi, when I implement new functionalities, I changed my development workflow. I created a seperated git branch and wanted to clone my production database ... but again, I ran into an error message.


Introduction to Scala - Part 1

During my studies from September to December 2016, I attended a course about Big Data analysis. The course covered the internals of Hadoop (HDFS, Map/Reduce) and Apache Spark. I found this course very interesting and I am going to reprocess some aspects of it and write about it in this blog. Basically, I try to write summeries, introductions and cheat sheets.
This is the first article and it covers a brief introduction to Scala. It highlights nice features and differences to Java and object-oriented-programming in general.


Custom Javascript error

A few days back, I had the issue to write a bunch of custom errors for a personal project. Unfortunately, the MDN only covers the prototype way to extend a Javascript error.
So, based on their example, I figured out how to extend the Error class in ES6.